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The mission of the Friends of the Centreville Library (FOCL) is to build a partnership between the library and the community.  The FOCL

·         Raises funds to support programs that will provide guidance, education and enjoyment for everyone in the community.
·         Advocates for and helps fund quality library service for all patrons of the Centreville Regional Library.
·         Strives to create awareness and appreciation of library staff and services.
·         Encourages public support for preserving and strengthening the library.

This annual report reviews our activities enhancing the Centreville Regional Library and other library programs from Jan 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, and our financial position.  This is the last annual report of the FOCL.  The Centreville Friends are forced to disband because we will not comply with onerous and unreasonable demands placed on us by the Fairfax Library Board of Trustees.


Centreville Regional Library Support
The Centreville Regional Library Manager prepares a "Wish List" which contains anticipated unfunded needs and proposed enhancements for the coming year. The Library Manager presents the Wish List to the FOCL Board for review and approval.  The approved Wish List forms the basis for donations that the FOCL disburses during the year. 

In 2018, the Friends of Centreville Library funded 28 programs and events enjoyed by nearly 2,000 people.  These included Adult and Youth Reading Programs, Youth Services, Centreville Day, and the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.  FOCL also provided $5,000.00 to fund additional programs through June 2019. 
The Summer Reading Adventure is a priority for the Library each year because it motivates children and adults to use their leisure time reading.  This activity keeps the brain healthy for all ages and fights the “summer slip” for school-age children.  In summer 2018, 87 adults and 1,429 children participated in the Summer Reading Adventure at Centreville Regional Library.  The FOCL supported the program by providing a coupon redeemable for books at the book sale as an incentive prize for all participants.  Children who completed the program received a book full of exciting coupons.  Adults were entered into a drawing for beautiful prize baskets, created and funded by the FOCL.  Participation in 2018 showed a significant increase over 2017, partly due to all the fun events offered for all ages.  The FOCL funded performances and presentations for adults, children and teens to keep people engaged and returning to the library frequently throughout the summer.
The FOCL provided funding for some technology enhancements at Centreville Library which have made more staff technology training possible as well as technology-related programs for the public.  A new library program this year was Girls Who Code.  In the spring, a Girls Who Code Club for teens in grade 6-8 was hosted, and 8 young ladies completed the program successfully.  In the fall, the Club was offered for younger girls in grades 3-5, and 12 children were fully engaged and learning to code in that group.
Even some of the FOCL smaller monetary contributions have had an impact.  For example, the FOCL funded the purchase of books for a 12-week citizenship course called “U.S. Citizenship: Pass the Test!”.  Registration filled in less than two days and 8 students completed the course during the Fall 2018 semester.  Additional books have been purchased with Friends’ funds so that the course can be offered for more students in the Spring of 2019.  This is a perfect supplement to the continuous demand for English language learning seen in our community.
The FOCL purchased 16 lounge chairs  to replace the worn out chairs in the public reading areas ($23,164.80) and mobile laptop tables ($2,031.36) for use in the technology training program.  The FOCL also helped improve library experience by purchasing a portable speaker and wireless microphone, and acrylic magazine holders. The FOCL funded magazine subscriptions and e-audio books for the Centreville Library.
Contributions to the Centreville Regional Library in 2018  amounted to $42,821.49.  In addition, FOCL deposited $115,128.40  in the Fairfax Library Gift Fund for use by the Centreville Regional Library.  Total contributions made in 2018 to the Centreville Regional Library amount to $158,049.89.
Herndon Community Library
The Herndon Community Library Manager presented a 'Wish List' to the FOCL Board for review and approval. In 2018, the FOCL purchased shelf markers for non-fiction and junior fiction book shelves.  The shelf markers will assist library users and staff to better locate sections of the library.  The FOCL also purchased floor lamps for the library lobby area.  Total contributions to the Herndon Community Library amounted to $396.50.
Operation Paperback
 Again in 2018, FOCL had the privilege of supporting our military men and women overseas though "Operation Paperback" by providing books and other media for their enjoyment. It was an honor to ship 30 books.  Shipping expenses amounted to $20.71.  Many recipients have expressed their appreciation through e-mails and thank-you notes. 

Fairfax County Parks
During the weekly donated book intake processing, FOCL sets aside farm and nature- related books for Frying Pan Farm Park and the Cub Run Recreation Center.  The books were used to support the Frying Pan Farm Park's 'Little Hands' program as well as its Resource Library and the Cub Run Naturalist program..

Fairfax County Schools and Organizations, Senior and Day Care Centers
The FOCL provided children's books to the Virginia Run and London Towne Elementary Schools, and the Child Care and Kindercare Learning Centers in Centreville.  The FOCL also provided books to the Books Are Food For Your Brain organization, the Fairfax County Fire Department, the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center, Celebrate Fairfax, the Centreville Chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Fairfax County Head Start Program serving Centreville, Centre Ridge, and Virginia Run, the Second Story Homeless Youth Center, and the Forest Glen Senior Center. 


Book sales
Thanks to continued book, DVD movie, audio book, and music CD donations from the Centreville Regional Library and The Closet , FOCL held two major book sales during the year - Spring and Fall.  The total realized from these sales was $19,960.24.  During these book sales, we honored coupons for free books as part of the Summer Reading Adventure and the 1,000 books by Kindergarten programs.

Ongoing Book Sale
Our ongoing sale was located in the hall outside the meeting rooms. The shelves were stocked by Friends with donated books.  The money was collected by the County through the Comprise system, and a part of the proceeds is given back to the Friends.  Proceeds from FOCL’s ongoing sale from January through December 2018 year totaled $4,185.85.

Online Book Sales
FOCL has continued selling selected books, movie DVDs, books on CD, and music CDs online through our Amazon Storefront,, and eBay.  Proceeds from FOCL’s online book sales from January through December 2018 year totaled $14,220.98.

Patron Donations
The FOCL received one unrestricted donation of $100.00.

In 2018, three Centreville Friends members received Friends Choice awards.  These were Jack Kepple, Pat Shaw, and Dennis Shaw.

Spring and Fall Book Sales
On-Going Book Sales
On-Line Book Sales
Patron Donations

Book Sale (storage, signage, advertisement, boxes, truck rental, gas)

On-Line Book Sales (postage, shipping, packaging, fees, supplies)
Friends (liability insurance, refreshments, supplies, stamps, equipment)

Centreville Regional Library
Fairfax County Library Gift Fund - Designated for Centreville Regional Library
Herndon Community Library
Operation Paperback (shipping)

Bank Balance - Cash Assets as of December 31, 2018
Capital One
United Bank


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Final Used Book Sale Cleanup

                                     Some volunteers from the final Used Book Sale cleanup

Our final Used Book Sale was hosted by the Friends of the Centreville Library on September 27-30.  The volunteers pictured above have removed all the used books including books from the on-going book sale. Status of future on-going book sales will be determined by the library. 

We were forced to disband because we would not comply with unreasonable and onerous demands placed on the Friends by the Fairfax Library Board of Trustees.  Their action is resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars raised by the Friends each year for the benefit of the Centreville Library. The Friends have been active for over 15 years. Our efforts have enabled the library to pay for children’s programs, furniture, magazines, computers, reading programs, etc. We regret we will no longer be able to provide that support. It has been a pleasure serving you and we thank you for your patronage.
The Friends of the Centreville Regional Library